Dimensions and Parts

30″ wide, 11″ tall, and 47″ long. Overall length including the flared tube is approximately 56″ long. Weight of the dredge with hoses and all components without a pump is 40 pounds. The dredge and sluice box are designed for use with a pump rated for 72 gallons per minute but will function properly with pumps rated between 37 and 72 gallons per minute.

  1. Float & sluice box combined in 1-piece, high impact, cross-linked polyethylene float system. Catamaran setup assures stability.
  2. Custom designed Angus MacKirk sluice box made from a single piece of rigid ABS plastic with drop riffle system for superior capture of course and find gold and lightning fast clean ups (Sluice Comparison Article).
  3. Optional: Aluminum triple sluice with rubber neoprene matting to catch the finest gold – Contact us for details.
  4. Radial jet produces unsurpassed suction at lower throttle settings. This radical new design allows use of aluminum construction.
  5. New “hybrid” flare tube design features “crash box” effect while spreading, slowing, and tumbling overburden materials.
  6. Smooth rubber sheeting dampens surface tension which helps drop the fine gold into the classifying grid.
  7. High quality, permanently attached bungee cords used to secure dredge parts and storage compartment lids during transportation.
  8. The 2-inch, smooth bore, 10-foot dredge hose comes with the jet coupling and dredge nozzle permanently attached.
  9. Detachable heavy-duty backpack harness (not pictured) features quick release, durable snap hooks and trail-rated buckles and nylon strapping.


Backpack Harness

Fully adjustable backpack harness included at no extra cost.

  • Stainless steel eyebolts secured in brass inserts
  • Main harness snaps into upper and lower eyebolts
  • Underside of float curved to fit you back
  • Shoulder straps fully adjustable
  • Sternum strap
  • Upper and lower eyebolts double as anchor tie points
  • Fully padded adjustable waist belt


Modified Flare Tube

Incorporates the “crash box” effect

prd_flaretube_bottom prd_flaretube_side
  • Full width, smooth rubber flap to help drop fine gold into lower sluice classifier
  • Secondary diversion baffle
  • Flare tube angled to help create “crash box” effect
  • Full width opening to sluice helps slow and disperse materials


Radial Design

New design allows for a shorter jet tube.

Old design
New design

Flotation System

The flotation unit is a truly unique addition to the gold prospecting industry. More than a year of intense work has gone into the engineering, design, prototyping, testing, and eventual production of the complete system. The inspiring combination of a complete gas-powered dredge, along with a full flotation system all supported with a built-on backpack harness system, is an industry first.

The bottom of the hull shows the three “ribs” cast into the float system, giving extra support to the upper “deck” section.

Notice the boat type hull shape of the pontoons. The curved underside allows the unit to comfortably fits your back while transporting the dredge using the backpack harness.

The upper “deck” contains recesses which house various items used to complete the dredge. Threaded inserts are cast into the molded float system to help secure the various parts.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

Now anyone can dredge for gold!